I am a childrenswear designer and a fulltime seeker of beautifully made things. Oh, and I have a bit of an obsession with vintage and second-hand goods too! This space is where I share my findings; things that inspire my creativity and everything else in between.

All photos are taken by me unless otherwise noted.

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Summer snippets (Rotterdam)

 We spent a relaxing week in Rotterdam discovering a different neighborhood from our previous stay in 2010. Heemraadspark playground was one of our favorite hangout spots of the summer. In the playground area there was a Kiosk with hot/cold drinks, snacks, etc and just across from it were picnic tables + lawn chairs where we sat and watched the kids run wild (as per usual).

There was also a museum visit in there too. Lucky for me, the apartment that we stayed in had tons of reading material in the form of interior design magazines/books, which eventually led me to the greatness that is Depot Rotterdam. There was soooo much to love- spread out between two floors. I definitely need to revisit ON MY OWN the next time I am in Holland!


Summer snippets (Stockholm)

Scenes from our relatively short stay in the beautiful city of Stockholm. We spent our time roaming the narrow streets of the old town (with the kids happily leading the way most of the time). On our last day there we visited a playground in Humlegården early in the morning and spent the rest of the day just exploring.



Summer snippets (Turku)

A week ago we took a ferry (more like a cruise liner) from Stockholm to Turku, Finland on a little adventure. It was our first cruise-like experience and we wished we could have been on the boat a little bit longer. The views of the archipelago were amazing and the kids had alot of fun in the playroom on board.

After a 10 hour journey we arrived early Saturday morning into Turku. We locked up our luggage at the ferry terminal and set off to explore the city and find breakfast. Since it was before 8am everything was closed, except for a farmer's market where we got fresh pastries and warm drinks for a very cold morning. Most businesses did not open until 10am so we spent some time walking around trying to get a feel for this little city. All was great until the rain came, and when it did, it didn't let up so we sought refuge in the main library which was already on my list to visit that day.

I wish I had documented the library a little more, it was such a nice space to be stuck in during the pouring rain. We spent most of our time in the children's section which was decorated with a bunch of Moooi random lights and Pierre Paulin chairs throughout the main level which probably made it one of the chicest kids section in a library that I've seen yet. The day ended exploring Turku Castle, and i'll admit before we went in we weren't really expecting to be there for very long because it seemed a bit small? But, we were wrong. It was definitely not small. There was so much to see and learn about, a bit creepy in certain areas- like the dungeon where prisoners were kept with blood stained stone still evident.

Oh, and if we understood correctly there is also that story of a troll who lived in the castle and apparently ate mouse burgers.


Summer snippets (Copenhagen)

It was great to come back to Copenhagen and experience the city during the summer. We stayed at a cosy apartment with a really cool courtyard that had a huge play area for kids. If only we could bring it back to New York with us! We ate what was probably the cleanest food we've had during our entire trip this summer- at a Raw food cafe directly across from the Hay store. I've been completely obsessed with their products, and after stepping into their actual store my obsession has only worsened.

We ended our time there at Tivoli which was a blast for all of us. It was very interesting learning how daring Kai is- he frequented and actually enjoyed rides that were way too scary for me (lol, I am definitely not a fan of heights)

Today we head back home and it's all a bit bittersweet, but I'm looking forward to not living out of a suitcase for a while! Other Snippets from Sweden, Finland, and Germany are coming soon.




A day in Amsterdam


 This day started out a bit dreary and we almost postponed the outing altogether. Despite the rain, we got the kids dressed in their jackets and rainboots and caught the train from The Hague into Amsterdam. I'm glad we stuck with our original plans because- after some time at the central library- we walked outside to lots of sunshine and blue skies. We also visited the EYE film institute by hopping on a ferry as recommended by a friend of ours. Very cool place, and we had a nice time walking around checking out the island too.

side note- Cerys' bright yellow pants takes full credit for the weather's change of heart ;)